Cracked Nipples?

      Breastfeeding? Cracked Nipples? It happens. Typically cracked nipples are a result of a poor latch. Correcting your latch will help significantly. Healing the cracked nipples requires BREAST MILK and AIR (of course a little sunshine would be nice too)!  Yes, just express some breast milk and coat your nipples with it. Leave your bra flaps down and let air dry the breast milk on your nipples. Repeat often.

Walk around Topless!  If you must wear a shirt, make it a white cotton t-shirt.
In as little as 24 hours your nipples could be healed and MUCH less painful.No Protectants! Notice that I never mentioned lanolin or any other protectant. Breast milk is healing and that is necessary for healing cracked nipples. Breast milk is free and you have plenty of it!

Keep Breastfeeding!  Keep putting baby to breast but be hyper vigilant about the latch and your posture. If the pain is too much, pump and take a break through the night. By morning your nipples will be healed enough to get right back at it!

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