Sex & Babies LIVE!

Having babies never changes, but how we think about having babies has changed considerably in the past few generations.  New technologies have given me new ways to deliver the best education about one of the life’s most important moments.
I am thrilled to announce the birth of  Newborn Family TV, a web-based show about all things Sex & Babies!
Please join me LIVE on Newborn Family TV at  After only a few shows, Newborn Family TV has been selected by the cool techies at as a “Staff Pick”.   I am so thankful for the opportunity to reach thousands of newborn families!

Tune in LIVE to Newborn Family TV as often as possible through the end of October and help us reap all of the benefits of being a Staff Pick!  Don’t miss tonight’s show – Natural Childbirth… Really?  at 8:00pm Central Time.  The Vokle platform makes it easy to chat or video into the show. Log on and share your wisdom and get your questions answered!  See you all on the stream at Newborn Family TV on Vokle.

Date & Time                                                                                 Topic                         

Tuesday, 10/23 @ 8pm Central Time                      Natural Childbirth, Really?

Wednesday, 10/24 @ 2pm Central Time                Baby’s Schedule

Thursday, 10/25 @ 7pm Central Time                    Pregnancy Nutrition

Sunday, 10/28 @ 8pm         Central Time                Breastfeeding 101

Monday, 10/29 @ 8:30pm Central Time                 Sleep & The Family

Wednesday, 10/31 @ 2pm  Central Time                 Spooky Halloween Birth Show

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