Newborn Dad’s Rights

Did you know paternity must be established before Dad has any rights to his newborn baby? In most states, paternity is only established when Dad’s name is added to the Birth Certificate.  A birth certificate will be issued approximately 30 days after birth in most states. Which means at the hospital Mom must give the staff permission to place the “coveted” wristband on Dad.  Mom is seen as having sole responsibility in the eyes of the law.

So, what is a father to do?  If you are not married, drawing up a legal document is crucial in the event of an emergency where mom becomes incapacitated.

Once Dad is clearly assigned his “role” as the other person responsible for baby, He must still follow all hospital policies regarding newborn security.  Security protocols are in place to keep all newborns and their families safe.  Any family member violating the security protocols will be banned from the hospital.

Most newborn families never have any problems while at the hospital.  The safety protocols are clearly explained to you after baby is born.  Typically, the only thing you have to remember is that you may not leave your hospital room carrying baby in your arms.  Babies must be transported via the bassinet.

Knowing what to expect at the hospital under both “normal” and emergency situations will ensure the best birth experience possible for all family members.  Take a tour of the hospital where you plan to give birth and ask lots of questions.  The more you know in advance the better your experience will be.

Click here for more information Father’s Rights.

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