Having A Baby? Take A Childbirth Class!

Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to the exciting world of Expectant Parenthood!  Choosing a Childbirth Class, a Birth Doula, a Midwife, an OB, a Hospital, Birth Center, a Pediatrician and/or a Postpartum Coach are just a few of the many decisions you get to make throughout your early parenting journey.  There are many choices in childbirth education.  Hospital classes offer a tour and a glimpse into birth.   Private, Comprehensive childbirth classes provide an in depth educational experience.

Take A Comprehensive Childbirth Class taught by the Newborn Family Coach!  I hope you will invite me to walk with you on your parenting journey!  As the Newborn Family coach, I have 15+ years of experience as a childbirth educator, birth doula, and postpartum coach. I have supported & empowered couples expecting their first baby, fifth baby and multiples. If you are looking for a joyful and informed birth experience, take my Comprehensive class series called Joyful and Informed Natural Childbirth.   Classes are small and intimate with a harmonious mixture of lecture, experiential activities, demonstrations, and videos that create a lively & instructional class setting.  My hands on coaching experience as a birth doula provides coaches with essential tools for supporting a laboring woman.  I specialize in delivering calm & confident parents to newborn babies.

Why Take A Childbirth Class?

  • To prepare for one of life’s most miraculous moments
  • To learn about the many choices you have during pregnancy, labor and birth
  • To stay healthy and low risk during pregnancy and birth
  • To become a more informed pregnancy & birth consumer
  • To avoid unnecessary pain during labor and birth
  • To learn how to create a supportive labor team
  • To coach my loved one through labor
  • To learn how to avoid an induction
  • To learn about pain medications used during labor
  • To avoid an episiotomy
  • To eat during labor
  • To drink during labor
  • To avoid a C-section
  • To spend as little time at the hospital as possible
  • To learn about my alternative birth place options
  • To celebrate the joyfulness of pregnancy and birth
  • To be reassured that my body can “do this”
  • To enhance your relationship with your partner
  • To avoid an extended hospital stay for me or my baby
  • To learn about newborn procedures and choose only those procedures that work our family
  • To enhance my family advocacy skills
  • To remain present and involved in my labor
  • To learn how to relax and let my body take over
  • To prepare for the first few weeks at home with our baby
  • To learn breastfeeding strategies
  • To start my parenting journey off to a good start




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