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Kim Martino-Sexton

As the Newborn Family Coach, I provide evidence based and practical strategies for the newborn family.  A Newborn Family is any growing family increasing their numbers through pregnancy, adoption, fostering…  I specialize in supporting the newborn family as a Childbirth Educator, Birth Doula and Postpartum Coach.  Since 1998 I have attended more than 470 births, taught more than a 1000 expectant couples and coached hundreds of families postpartum.  For more information please contact me at newborn.family.coach@gmail.com or 314-265-7407.  Click here for Kim’s full bio

Pregnancy Nutrition 

Sonaviv Certified Nutrition Advisor              2014

Dr. Sears Certified L.E.A.N. Health Coach    2012

Childbirth Educator 

Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth            1998 – 2009

Joyful & Informed Childbirth                           2009 – Present

Birth Doula

Experienced Birth Doula                                   1998 – Present

DONA Trained Birth Doula                              2003 – Present

Staff Doula, Barnes Jewish Hospital              2003 – 2007

Postpartum Coach

Certified Peer Counselor, Mother-to-Mother       2012

Experienced Postpartum Doula                                2000 – Present

Newborn Family Strategies Workshops                  2003 – Present

Birth Reconciliation Workshops                               2003 – Present

DONA Trained Postpartum Doula                            2007 – Present

Parenting Education Classes

Family Center, Clayton School District                   1997 – Present


Standing In the Presence of Miracles                                                          2006

Joyful & Informed Natural Childbirth                                                         2008

Newborn Family Life First Weeks                                                                 2009

Joyful & Informed Natural Childbirth:  The Refresher Series           2011

Joyful & Informed Natural Childbirth:  VBAC                                      2011

Sex & Pregnancy                                                                                          2011

Permission Slips & Hall Passes for Expectant & New Families          2012

Radio Show Host 

Newborn Family Radio                                  2010 – 2011

Newborn Family TV                                        2012


Bachelor’s of Art in Psychology, Framingham State College           1989

Master’s of Education work, University of South Carolina                1989-1991

Kim Martino-Sexton – About me

Hello!  My name is Kim Martino-Sexton.  My husband Brad & I are the proud parents of two boys born naturally which radically changed the course of my life.  Wayne was born after an almost painless 72 hour labor.  I was so empowered and inspired by my pregnancy and birth of  Wayne that I immediately began the process of becoming a birth professional.  In contrast, Cole was born after 24 hours of what really felt like “labor”.   We (yes, Brad was a big part of the process) successfully breastfed both boys well past the recommended guidelines of the times.  We live in the St. Louis area surrounded by a supportive network of family and friends I like to call our village.  We share our home with Sadie, a black golden doodle.

 My Journey as the Newborn Family Coach…

In 1997, I decided to “graduate” from College Administration work and pursue my passion of becoming a Birth Professional.  The first step on my journey was to become a certified Natural Childbirth Instructor.  While teaching my first class, I stumbled into my first birth doula experience.  And so began my journey.  As of today, I have taught more than 1000 expectant couples, attended 500 births, supported hundreds of families postpartum and written a few books.  I am truly grateful for each and every newborn family that has chosen me as their birth educator, birth doula and postpartum coach.  Check out my website for more information about my journey as birth professional www.newbornfamilycoach.com.

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