Pregnancy Exercises

Pregnancy Exercises

Pelvic Tilt/Tuck

Mom starts in a hands & knees position (hands & knees form a box).  Relax the lower back, allow pelvis to tilt forward, then bring pelvis back up & tuck hips while keeping back flat.

Coach can place a hand on moms lower back to give her focal point.  Encourage mom to pelvic tilt morning, mid day, and before bed.

Benefits:  Aids in digestion helping to relieve constipation, acid reflux, and many other pregnancies induced issues.  Increases circulation, relieves pressure on blood vessels and bladder. Tones and conditions the lower back and abs.

Modified Lotus

Mom sits on the floor with the legs crossed or with bottoms of feet together.  Maintain this position for several minutes at time.  Maintain good posture.  You may lean forward or slightly backward.  Repeat several times a day.

Coach can sit on the floor with mom.  Encourage her to tailor stretch often.  Remind her to move around in the position.

Benefits:  Encourages the uterus to come forward taking pressure off of the lower back increasing circulation and stretching the inner thighs.

Non-Compete Thigh Master

Mom sits on the floor with her back against a wall or furniture with her knees bent and feet flat on floor.  Start with legs up and slowly open.

Coach provides counter pressure while mom opens her legs.  Just place the flats of your hands on the outside of her knees and apply gentle resistance as mom opens her legs as far as she is able.

Benefits:  Prepares outer thigh muscles for second stage pushing.


Birth Squat

Mom stands with legs about hips width apart, with feet flat on the floor, knees slightly bent & tuck hips under.  Bend forward slightly and squat down while keeping feet flat on the floor.  Maintain position as long as is comfortable. Challenge yourself to spend more time in the squat position each time.  To get up from the squat place hands on thighs, bring bottom up first and then walk hands up supporting the back while straightening.

Coach can assist mom by squatting with mom.  He can also physically support her in the assisted/hanging squat.

Benefits:  Stretches and tones the perineum helping mom to avoid unnecessary tears and/or an episiotomy.



Mom contracts the pelvic floor muscle by pulling everything in the pelvis up.

Coach helps mom by reminding her to kegel.  Coach can kegel too, both men and women will benefit from a strong kegel muscle.

Benefits:  Exercising the kegel prepares the perineum for birthing helping mom to avoid an episiotomy.  Learning to let go of the kegel muscle will help mom push the baby out during 2nd stage.

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