Newman Birth Pic“We are so happy that we decided to take the Joyful & Informed Natural Childbirth Classes. We wanted to approach our birthing experience with as much knowledge as possible so that we were empowered to make the best choices when the time came. Kimberly provided a non-judgmental, intimate, personalized and fun class environment. She created a down-to-earth and professional environment that had us looking forward to the class each week. We valued Kimberly’s extensive professional experience in the hospital setting and her vast medical knowledge. I continue to recommend Kimberly to anyone I meet seeking a joyful and informed birthing experience.”  August 2013 ~ Margo & Drew Newman 
405386_10150982347981673_1688590769_nJoyful & Informed Natural birth… “is a great way to learn relaxation techniques, what to expect throughout labor and decisions you’ll need to make, and what to expect in recovery/when the baby comes home. Kimberly is non-judgmental and will support you in whatever you’re looking for in your birth experience. We worked with you for our second birth. We wanted to try natural childbirth and we did it!”  August 2012 ~ Elizabeth Temporiti-Cole & John Cole


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