Newborn Family Coaching

For over 15 years, Kim has been empowering families from preconception through the school-aged years as the Newborn Family Coach.  A newborn family is any growing family.  As the Newborn Family Coach, Kim has been coaching expectant and soon to be expecting parents on one of life’s most important moments.  Whether you are pregnant, just thinking about getting pregnant or have been trying to get pregnant you deserve support, reassurance and resources.  Let the Newborn Family Coach empower and support your growing family needs.

Newborn Family Coaching Topics


Infertility & Conception


Expectant & Young Family Nutrition

Labor & Birth


Newborn Nutrition

Newborn Sleep & Transitions

Preschool Matching

Educational: Gifted, Talented, Learning Empowered and Twice Exceptional

Love Life & Beyond

Parenting Strategies

Couples Transitions

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