Pregnancy Coaching

No time for a Childbirth Class?  Get on-the-go Pregnancy Coaching from the Newborn Family Coach!  Pregnancy Coaching is customized to fit your exact needs.  You choose the platform or platforms that work for you from Telephone Coaching, Face-to-Face Coaching and/or Skype Coaching. You choose how many sessions or consult with Kim to create just the right amount of coaching sessions for your needs.  Mix & Match Face-to-Face with Telephone coaching if you choose. Packages are available and money-saving!

Pregnancy Coaching Options & Pricing

Telephone      $75 per call

Skype               $75 per session

Face                  $75 per meeting

Coaching Packages

Pregnancy  & Birth Refresher  $280.00    Experienced birthers just need a refresher.  4 hours of coaching customized for your birthing needs from VBAC to Natural Vaginal Birth and everything in between.  Experienced Birther workbook included.  Saves you $20!

Childbirth Overview  $280.00    A  4 hour overview of the essentials of pregnancy, labor and birth.   Joyful & Informed Childbirth Overview workbook included.  .  Saves you $20!

Pregnancy, Labor &  Birth How To  $560.00   An 8 hour overview of pregnancy, labor and birth for the first time couple delivered in 2 to 4 hour meetings.  Topics may include pregnancy exercises & nutrition, relaxation techniques for “painless” birthing, coaching strategies, birth plans, breastfeeding and newborn preparation.  Includes a Joyful & Informed Childbirth workbook.  Saves you $40!

The Essential Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond Package  $1000.00  An entire, in-depth, 16 hour ( 2 to 4 hr increments) course delivered in 2 to 4 hour meetings and customized for your unique pregnancy, labor, birth and newborn family life needs.   Topics include everything mentioned in the packages above and much more.  Saves you $200!

Create your own packages are also available.

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