Birth Prep 101

Your pregnant body is quite amazing; it knows just how to build the life of your child.  All you need to do to support the life building process is eat well, exercise, rest and hydrate.

Fueling The Pregnant Body:  3 meals & 2 snacks daily

Pregnant women are encouraged to eat at least 3 meals and 2 snacks daily.  Dr. Brewer recommends eating at least every 2 hours, never letting your baby-building factory run out of fuel.  See the Brewer Diet for more specifics on eating for a healthy mom & baby.

Gearing Up for the Birthathon:  Preparing the Belly, Back & Bottom

Birthing a baby is the equivalent of running a marathon.  Would you run a marathon without proper training?  Of course not!  You have months to train for your birthathon.  Get started as soon as possible.  If you already have an exercise regimen in place you can keep up your workouts with some basic fine tuning.  It is important to add exercises that stretch and tone the three areas – Belly, Back & Bottom- most involved in the birthing process.  Check out this link for the best pregnancy exercises

Choose Your Birth Team Wisely:  Natural Birth?  Medicated Birth? Home Birth?

The birth of your child is one of life’s most miraculous experiences.  Surround yourself with a team of supportive birth professionals that will help you meet your goals.  Research all of your pregnancy and birth options. It is important to determine your pregnancy and birth goals so you can choose the best birth team.  Birth Team Consults available.

Take A Childbirth Class:  Private Birth Classes or Hospital Classes

Private, comprehensive childbirth classes provide you with a broad range of information and options about pregnancy, labor, birth and newborn baby preparation.  Hospital classes can be a source of information as well, however, most couples feel they need more information and support than hospital classes offer.  Check out these comprehensive birth class options; Joyful & Informed Natural Childbirth, Birth Wisely, Blessed Beginnings Childbirth and Delightful Pregnancy & Birth.

Sex During Pregnancy

Sex is a healthy part of  pregnancy

While visiting with a doula client today, the topic of sex during late pregnancy came up.  “How safe is sexual intercourse late in pregnancy?”  Perfectly safe* and vital for your relationship.  Sexual intercourse during any part of pregnancy is as important as eating well, staying hydrated, preparing your birthing muscles, learning to breathe deep and relaxing.  Each time the expectant mom has an orgasm her body is flooded with oxytocin, which stimulates mild uterine contractions.  Those mild uterine contractions are excellent practice for the uterus.  Each time dad makes a “deposit” of semen; the prostaglandins found in semen gently soften the cervix.  The cervix will gradually soften preparing for birth.

OK, mom’s let’s pause for a collective “eye roll”!    I know some women do not feel very sexy during pregnancy.  The hormones coursing through the body during pregnancy may put a damper on mom’s libido.  Which is why it is important to discuss feelings and improve the intimate relationship.  Yes, sex while pregnant sometimes takes a bit of work and planning.  Most women need to feel connected before feeling sexy.  Most partners need to know the baby and mom will be safe during intercourse.  Check out these links for more information on the safety of sex during pregnancy:  Mayo Clinic on Pregnancy Sex and  March of Dimes on Pregnancy Sex.


*Sexual intercourse is safe during late pregnancy unless your OB says otherwise.