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Beyond Birth ~ Mom Matters

Mother to Mother

Preparing for the new mom’s wellbeing and postpartum recovery may seem inconsequential during pregnancy, especially since everyone is so focused on the expectant mom.  Between OB appointments, childbirth classes, baby showers, and breastfeeding classes, the expectant mother is fawned over, or so it seems.  Once baby is here, all eyes turn toward baby.  Mom is now in the peripheral.  She may be the sole source of nutrition for baby but essentially her time in the spotlight is over.  Or that may be how it feels to many women.  Pregnancy may have been a delightful and empowering experience for mom.  Postpartum is often a vulnerable and isolating time for new moms.

Connecting with other new moms is helpful and uplifting.  There are many opportunities for small group support from local breastfeeding support meetings like Kangaroo Kids or  Le Leche League.  All of these meetings are led by trained and experienced facilitators.  There are also postpartum support organizations like  Mother to Mother  which offers free peer counseling for expectant and new moms experiencing any kind of adjustment issue.   Support is only a phone call or email away.

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