Kim’s Fancy BIO


2013 Headshot

Kim Martino-Sexton

Kim Martino-Sexton has been Delivering Calm & Confident parents to newborn families since 1998. Having taught more than 1,000 expectant couples and coached hundreds of families after birth (or “newborn families,” as she calls them), Kim Martino-Sexton’s uncommon blend of humor, candor, and sensitivity sets her apart as a thought leader in childbirth education and newborn family life. Employing 16 years of experience as a professional educator and doula, Kim connects with new and expectant parents at each individual’s respective place on the road to and through parenthood.

Kim’s fascination with birthing babies and families began as a result of her own childbirth class participation during her first pregnancy. “I’ll never forget how powerful I felt when I understood I was allowed to say “No” to my medical providers,” she relates. “Suddenly, I realized I am the ultimate authority over my own body, and that birth professionals are consultants whose advice I am free to accept or dismiss.” In 1997, inspired by her new found maternal power, she left her previous role as a college administrator to embark on a career in birth support. After attaining certification as a Bradley method childbirth educator, she became trained as a birth and postpartum doula through Doulas of North America (DONA). During the course of her training and early birth work, Kim observed that expecting family courses did not adequately prepare parents for the “now what” moments once they leave the hospital. In response to this deficit, Kim expanded her services to include class instruction and in-person support for the critical early weeks. Now known as the Newborn Family Coach, Kim approaches childbirth as the Beginning of the newborn family journey and supports parents as they adjust to the realities of newborn family life.

Widely regarded within the St. Louis birth community as a gifted instructor, Kim creates a classroom haven of confidence, safety, and knowledge which participants take with them to whichever birth setting they choose. Having supported parents in-person through a vast array of birth experiences, she is recognized as an authority on the many stages and facets of childbirth and parenting. In addition to a lively sense of humor, Kim possesses a unique capacity for identifying root concerns and providing compassionate guidance.

Propelled by a deep commitment to empower expectant families and connect with other childbirth educators, Kim founded the Alliance of Childbirth Educators-STL (ACE-STL) in 2012. ACE’s mission is to support each other as birth educators using our collective strengths to empower expectant women and bring an awareness of birth education options to all expectant families. In Kim’s role as founder and president, she works closely with other educators, community organizations and local businesses to support expectant families.

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