Adoption can be both joyful and anxiety provoking.  Let the Newborn Family Coach empower and support you as you navigate the Newborn Family world.  Kim has coached hundreds of adoptive families by infusing grace, education and reassurance into the process.  Adoption coaching is customized to fit your exact needs.  You choose the platform or platforms that work for you from Telephone Coaching, Face-to-Face Coaching and/or Skype Coaching. You choose how many sessions with Kim to create just the right amount of support for your needs.  Mix & Match Face-to-Face with Telephone coaching if you choose. Packages are available and money-saving!  Kim offers a free 30 minute first time consult.  Email or Call Kim to schedule your first free consult at or 314-265-7407.

Newborn Family Adoption Coaching Options & Pricing

Telephone               $75 per call
Skype                         $75 per session
Face-to-Face           $75 per meeting

Coaching Packages (Face-to-Face, Telephone or Skype)

Adoption Overview for First Time Parents  $280.00    4 hours of coaching customized for your specific needs.  This may include birth education with the adoptive momma, newborn nutrition/breastfeeding information, vaccination options, stocking up ideas and much more.  Saves you $20!
Empowered Newborn Family  $540.00    8 hours of customized coaching.  This may include all of the above and Newborn Parenting 101, Home Preparation, Creating a Village of Support and so much more.  Saves you $40!
Create your own packages are also available.

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