Postpartum Coaching

Newborn Family Coaching

Support during the postpartum period helps family members adjust to their new roles, whether for the first time or the fourth.  Studies have shown that the presence of a supportive person in the home reduces the incidence and/or severity of postpartum depression, and increases the success rate of breastfeeding.

Families used to be supported after birth by their own mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and friends.  As family’s relocate and schedules do not allow for long visits, Postpartum Coaches have begun to fill that role.  Postpartum coaches provided emotional, physical, and informational support for the new family, completions of basic daily tasks so that the family can bond, and information/education on newborn issues (sleep, nutrition, hygiene)

In Home Postpartum Coaching Services Include

  • Prenatal visit at your home
  • Continuous emotional  and informational support
  • Monitoring your postpartum recovery
  • Baby care education and support. (assisting with bathing, feeding, comforting..)
  • Breastfeeding / Supplementing support. (pumping, storing, increasing supply)
  • Baby massage (demonstration and support)
  • Child proofing assesment
  • Assist in creating a home schedule
  • Nanny placement and training
  • Couple connections
  • Birth reconciliation discussions
  • General transition strategies
  • Referrals to other professionals, as needed
  • Lending library of reading materials and videos
  • Telephone and email contact
  • On-call during the time of service

In Home Postpartum Coaching Fees

  • In Home $75.00 per hour on Weekdays
  • In Home $100.00 per hour on Holidays and Weekends when available
  • Telephone $75.00 per scheduled call

Postpartum Coaching Packages (In Home, Telephone & SKYPE)

Welcome Home: Newborn Family Package…$275.00 A little nervous about your homecoming?  Excited by the idea of having non-judgmental, educational support to ease your transition from hospital to home?  This package is for you! Four hours of gentle support.  Saves you $25!

Welcome Home: New Family Extended Package…$560.00 Now that baby has arrived, let me give you the VIP treatment at home with in-home education and pampering.  8 hours of daytime support. Saves you $40!

The Essential Newborn Family Package…$1120.00 Having extra help not only aids in mom’s healing, but also creates a calm environment for the entire family.  This package includes 16 hours of daytime sessions.  Saves you $80!

Nanny Placement & Training Packages

Full Nanny Placement…$560.00 I will work with you to find just the right nanny for your needs.  Once we have found your nanny, I will provide her with the tools necessary to serve you and your baby’s unique needs as well as time-honored strategies including: sleep, nutrition, play, safety, and communication. 8 hours of Service.  Saves you $40!

Nanny Training…$430.00 First we will meet to discuss your needs and then I will work one-on-one with your nanny to set up a daily schedule.  I will provide your nanny with the tools to serve you and your baby’s unique needs as well as time-honored strategies including: sleep, nutrition, play, safety, and communication. 6 hours of Service.  Saves you $20!

Create your Own Packages available

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