Birth Doula

Refocusing My Energy thru 2016

The time has come for me to refocus my energy from birth doula work to writing and publishing the books I have been working on for over 10 years. Yes! I am still teaching childbirth classes and coaching newborn families. I am referring all of my students who are interested in a doula to my Spectrum Birth Partners ~ Julia Cooper. I plan to step back into birth doula work in the Spring of 2016. 


Birth Doula Services

Thank you for inquiring about my birth doula services.  I have been attending births as doula since 1998.  I am honored to have supported more than 470 families during labor and birth.  I have attended home and hospital births.  I look forward to customizing my services to meet your unique birthing needs.  Childbirth class participants and returning couples receive preferential scheduling.

Birth Doula Services Include:

  • 3 Prenatal/Postpartum visits. You Choose when to use your visits.
  • Phone and email support as needed during pregnancy and immediate postpartum.
  • Emotional and physical support during active labor and birth.
  • Patient advocacy during labor and birth.
  • Newborn nutrition education as needed before and after birth.
  • Access to my lending library and on-line resources

Birth Doula/Labor Support Fee:  $1,300.00  or  $850.00 if childbirth class participant

The fee for the services described above is to be paid as follows:

$800 no class/$500 class – as a non-refundable retainer fee, due when CLIENT signs the contract.

$500 no class/$350 class – due two weeks prior to due date.

$45.00 per hour after 12 hours of service will be charged to the CLIENT and added onto the remaining fee.

Explanation of Birth Doula/Labor Support Services:

As a Birth Doula/Labor Coach, I look forward to providing you with emotional and physical support, empowering you as you advocate for your needs and providing you with information to aid in your informed decisions about your birth. Some of the things I provide are massage, acupressure, help with relaxation and visualization, advice on optimal fetal positioning, suggestions for labor positioning, assistance with staying hydrated and nourished, and help with backache relief measures.

I typically remain with you for 2 hours after the birth, to make sure you are settled and comfortable. As a lactation educator, I can help mom initiate breastfeeding as well. I am available by phone and email to answer any questions you may have and can help you with referrals.  You may contact me at your convenience after the delivery to schedule the postpartum visits.                                                                                     

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