Go Play Outside!


Go Play Outside! 

Winterize the family’s wardrobe and hit the trails or sidewalks. Check out your local resale shops (Kangaroo Kids or Goodwill) for great deals on snowsuits, boots and other layers of warm clothing. Being prepared for the weather will ensure that you get out and enjoy the change in Season.
Research suggests that 20 minutes of sunshine a day will greatly improve the body’s ability to make vitamin D.  Vitamin D helps fight immune diseases and so much more.  Here is an informative article on why we need sunshine and how much in order to produce Vitamin D Sunshine & So Much More
Whether you rake a giant piles of leaves for jumping or “sneak” out early in the morning to spy the frozen frosty grass ~ go outside and enjoy the beauty nature has to offer. Fostering a love of nature only takes a few minutes a day.  Go play outside!
Looking for something to do outside beyond your neighborhood?  Check out these activities!


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