How much weight should a pregnant woman gain?

Scale 1

There isn’t an exact answer to this frequently asked question.  However, most pregnant women can expect to gain at least between 25 – 35 pounds.  In a recent, albeit very informal “poll” on my Facebook page the average weight gain was 45 pounds with a range from 20 to 70.  Among my childbirth education students over the last 15 years, weight gain also ranged between 20 to 70 pounds.  The body does what it needs to do when well fed, well hydrated and creating a life.  I encourage pregnant women to free themselves from the scale and focus on eating healthy, colorful food at each meal.

The late renowned obstetrician, Dr. Brewer once said “It’s not about the amount of pounds you gain but the adequacy of your nutrition during pregnancy”.   Dr. Brewer had a very no-nonsense approach to pregnancy nutrition, eat foods closest to their  most natural source.  He encouraged pregnant women to feel empowered as they chose which foods to eat since food choice is one thing a soon to be momma has control over.   For more information on the The Pregnancy Diet by Dr. Brewer ~

“America’s Pediatrician” , Dr. Bill Sears encourages pregnant women to “Eat Right for Two”.  Dr. Sears has a great explanation of where the weight goes during pregnancy.   For more information Weight Gain – Where do the pounds go? ~

Dieting, restrictions and deprivation have no place during pregnancy.  Moderation is the key with the exception of street drugs and alcohol.  Eat to be well and feel well as soon as morning sickness ebbs.

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